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The Keystone Region MG Club owns the following books, manuals and videos, which are available for club members to borrow at any time. The library is housed at K&T Vintage Sports Cars in Allentown, under the direction of club technical adviser Ken Beck. Give Ken a call or stop by K&T if you're interested in borrowing any of the videos or books.

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• AN MG IS BORN, workshop TV series for Discovery Real Time (UK). 230 mins. (DVD)
Amateur mechanic Mark Evans strips a rusty 1973 MGB roadster down to every last nut and bolt and painstakingly rebuilds it from the ground up. Fun to watch and informative. As well as the restoration project itself (all filmed in Mark's workshop), the two DVDs include behind-the-scenes footage filmed at a specialist engine workshop, the body shell production line at the British Motor Heritage Factory and the overdrive and prop shaft production facility at GKN Driveline.

WITH: "An MG is Born" photo DVD, which contains more than 1,300 of Mark's workshop photographs covering the restoration of his MGB from start to finish. (Photo disc is DVD-R format for computers. Will not work in DVD players for TV.)

• A GUIDE TO MGB MAINTENANCE (VHS) 1992, Trinity Productions, UK. 64 mins.
Learn how to do routine maintenance on your MGB with this informative video. Check and change hoses. Adjust and replace brakes. Check electrical - points etc, engine tuning and performance. Suspension and steering checks. Correct removal of hood and stowage.

• THE MGB EXPERIENCE (VHS) 1989, Lindsay Porter Publishing. 55 mins.
By Lindsay Porter - Colorful and informative account of MGB ownership, history, competition, maintenance and restoration. The Lindsay Porter "speed secrets" are here, too. Featuring all models from 1962-90: MGB roadster, GT, MGC, V8. History and model development, right back to Brooklands action in the 19302 through T-type, MGA and earliest B. The reality of restoration, DIY maintenance and servicing. Model changes, buying guide, owners' views, clubs.

Two-part documentary by British Car Films, London, celebrates 50 years of MGs in America. Filmed over a two-year period, coast to coast, the videos provide a unique visual record of MGs in the U.S. British Car Films, London. (100 minutes, total).
Part One: History and Racing (55 mins.) • Rare archive footage from first Grand Prixes in Watkins Glen, 1948 and 1949, and newsreel footage of th MG land speed record attempts at Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1950s. Interviews with early MG racing drivers, and follows racing success of MGBs and Midgets throughout the 1960s and 70s.
Part Two: Shows, Passion and Glorious Cars (45 mins.) • Focuses on the way Americans enjoy their MGs, from cars kept in original condition to highly modified versions, including electric and stretched versions of the MGB. Tour of the private MG museum of Gerry Gougens, and a look at the model collection of Michael Sarvas. Scenes from MG96, the all-register gathering in Indianapolis.

• MG Vintage Racers (VHS) 2003.
Tape features two events. • VIR Gold Cup Races 2003 - Professional video gives you good idea of what vintage race weekend is like. • MGVR 20th Anniversary at Road America, 2001: Take a ride around the Road America race track. Scenes of Vintage Car Festival.

Musical video reviews of the club year, by Charles de Bourbon/BGA Studios. Include images from the North American MGB Register national conventions. Available editions: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Click here to request a free copy to keep from BGA Studios.


• MGB Electrical Systems by Rick Astley. 102 pages. 204 color photos, 120 illustrations. 2006, Veloce Publishing Ltd., Dorset, England. ISBN 1-84584-057-7. Written by an MGB owner and electrical engineer and based on real MGB repair and modification experience. For those new to vehicle electrical systems, the book provides easy to understand basic electrical theory. Each system in the car has its own chapter, with simple and uncluttered circuit diagrams in which each wire can be seen in its real colors. The book explains the "why" of each system and procedure. Lots of suggested alterations for improved electrical performance.

• MG by Ian Penberthy. 1991, Mallard Press. 112 pgs. Large-format coffee-table size book filled with large color photos and text covering the history of MG from the original Morris garages days through to the MGB.

• M.G. Great Marques Poster Book by Chris Harvey. 1985, Woodbury Press. 48 pgs. 22 colour full-page photos of MG models, from the Old Number One through to the Metro, with short write-ups and specs on the back of each.

• MG — The T-Type Restoration Handbook 1993, New England MG-T Register. Edited by Richard L. Knudson. 175 pgs. Essential information for the MG T owner, reprinted from the pages of The Sacred Octagon, the register's magazine. Includes background and specs for the MG TC, TD and TF. Back to basics articles on tools, manuals, oil and lube, lubrication, tuneup, rocker arms, ignition, T-series engines, distributors, carburetion, carburetor tuning, steering, bolts and nuts. Also includes complete index to technical articles in The Sacred Octagon, 1965-1992. B/w illustrations and photos.

• MG Sports Cars by John Heilig. 1996, Motorbooks International. 96 pgs. ISBN 0760301123 Full-color gallery of MG sports cars including prewar, postwar T series, MGA, MGB, MGB/GT, MGC and Midget; MGV8, MGRV* and MGF. Model histories and evolution. Specifications, technical notes and index.

• Illustrated MG Buyer's Guide by John Heilig. 1997, Motorbooks International. 160 pgs. Reviews all MG offerings from the earliest through the modern MGF. More than 150 b/w photos, specification charts.

• MG Sports Cars 1997, Autocar, UK. 192 pgs of MG history from the pages of Autocar, covering the 1920s on. MG history as reported contemporaneously in the pages of Autocar magazine, covering the 1920s on. What makes the book fascinating is that most of it consists of reprints of pages from the magazine as it reported on the new MGs making their debuts over the years, interspersed with modern day color photos of the old cars. Descriptions of all MG sports cars from the 1920s to the 1990s, illustratied with hundreds of photographs and cutaway drawings. Full contemporary road tests giving evaluations and performance data for 26 cars, including 18:80, Magnas, Magnettes, Midgets from 1929 M type through Js, Ps and Ts; '60s Midgets, MGA, B, C and V8, MG RV8 and MGF.

• The Big Healeys, a Collector's Guide by Graham Robson. 1981, Motor Racing Publications, London. 128 pgs. Comprehensive reference to the big Healeys, including ancestors and parentage; 100/4 BN1 and BN2; 100/4 in competition; 100-Six; 3000; 100-Six and 3000 in competition; buying guide; maintenance and fellowship; technical specifications 1952-68; chassis number sequences by model.

• Basic Bodywork and Painting 1975, Petersens Publishing. 192 pgs. Some of the information may be dated, due to changes in paint products and techniques. But still plenty of valuable information on the basics. B/w photos throughout. Metalworking fundamentals; using hammers, dollies, files and prybars; tips for brazing; how to gas and arc weld; restoring vintage autos; "Gop" art and acrylustrations; trickery with spray can pains; van mural painting; car cosmetic care; customize with frosted glass.

• Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Spark Plugs, 1973, Robert Bosch Corp. 22 pgs. Useful informational booklet containing illlustrated explanations of spark plug construction, condition, heat range, size variation and installation tips, followed by specification charts for Bosch plug types and gaps for American and imported cars, trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, marine engines and small engines.

• Automobile Quarterly's World of Cars 1971, E.P. Dutton, New York. 223 pgs. Large-format book includes text and photos on 28 marques and more than 200 cars, some well-known and many quite obscure. Includes four pages on "M.G. TC, A Sports Car Institution." 299 color photographs and other illustrations

• Cars of the '50s and '60s by Michael Sedgwick. 1983, Beekman House. 240 pgs. Hefty book featuring lots of text and interesting mix of color photos and detailed line drawings of all types of cars of these two decades, plus lots of advertisements for these cars. A great book to spend time paging through, but a very difficult book to read. The text is set in very wide, hard-to-read columns, and organized by ill-defined chapters, not by type of car or chronology. There is an index in the back, which you will need to refer to constantly to find what you may be looking for.

• How to Give Your MGB V-8 Power, by Roger Williams. 1996, Veloce Publishing, U.K. 128 pgs. Complete guide to replacing your MGB's or MGB GT's standard four-cylinder engine with a Rover V-8 engine. Includes full information on building a V-8-engined roadster based on a new British Motor Heritage shell. B/w photos and illustrations.

• Antique Automobile, the official publication of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Inc. — Nov.-Dec. 2002, Volume 66, No. 6

• Directory of Recommended Suppliers, an MG Owners Club publication

• Improve and Modify MGB, by Lindsay Porter and Dave Pollard. 1988.

• Owners Workshop Manual — MGB 1968-1981 1991, Brooklands Books, U.K. 192 pgs. Compact workshop manual with step-by-step instructions and illustrations on all dismantling, overhauling and assembling. Hints and tips and fault diagnosis. Chapters on engine, fuel, ignition and cooling systems; clutch; gearbox and overdrive; automatic transmission; propeller shaft, rear axle and rear suspension; front suspension and hubs; steering, braking and electrical systems, and bodywork.

• MGA-MGB Service Repair Handbook —1956-1977, by Alan Ahlstrand. 1978, Clymer Publications, U.S. 232 pgs. General comprehensive handbook of maintenance and repair information. Hundreds of photos, drawings and diagrams. Chapters on lubrication, maintenance and tune-up; troubleshooting; engine; fuel and exhaust systems; cooling system and heater; electrical systems; transmission and overdrive; brakes; rear suspension, differential and drive shaft; front suspensions, wheel bearings and steering.

• MGA — A History and Restoration Guide, by Robert P. Vitrikas. 1980, AZTEK Corp. 240 pgs. Chronicles the development and competition history of the MGA, with a special section on restoration with advice from experienced restorers. Chapters on roots of the MGA; MGA 1500; Twin Cam MGA; MGA 1600; MGA 1600 Mark II; competition and clubs. 256 photos and drawings, b/w.

• Tuning SU Carburetors Manual, 1975, Speedsport Motobooks, UK. 128 pgs. Illustrated manual includes description of the S.U. carburetter; maintenance, overhauling and fault-finding; mixture requirements; burning characteristics of different mixtures; size selection; special racing fuels; dismantling and assembly; emission control models; application tables; specifications; needle profiles.

• SU Carburetters Tuning Tips & Techniques, 1994, Brookland Books, UK. 188 pgs. Detailed, illustrated manual covers basic design and function; overhauling and fault-finding; mixtures and tuning; burning characteristics of different mixtures; size selection; special racing fuels; dismantling and assembling; auxilliary enrichment; automatic enrichment device; electric fuel pumps; mechanical fuel pumps; jet identification and jet needle identification.


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